Photo / Cinematographer / Cameraman Madrid / Rio de Janeiro

I love my Job.

I am a director of photography, camera operator and phographer.

I had the pleasure to start my professional experience at Ciclorama Studios in Madrid, where I had the opportunity to meet and work with the best Spanish and international photographers. It made me passionate about photography and the capacity to communicate with light.

Working in such multicultural environment shaped me into the person I am today; passionate about traveling, curious about new cultures and having images as a tool to reach and influence different personalities.

Being proactive and organized was essential in my past experiences. My ability to keep calm and patient is founded on many years of working around the world on different projects. I’ve developed great flexibility and can adapt quickly to different environments and projects.

Multilingual, committed, professional and highly motivated with great communication, technical and interpersonal skills. Resourceful, reliable, dedicated and used to working on demanding and fast paced projects.

I Love my job.

• Winner Best Cinematography in Almeria Film Festival 2016 event 72hrs with short "Behind the Cactus"
• Nominated for best cinematography in Art Deco Film Festival São Paulo 2012 with short "The Picture"

España +34 644 882 893


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